Mom's Belief Lakshya, a complete rehabilitation centre with new & evolving ideas and concepts of rehabilitation services through a multidisciplinary approach. The centre was started in August 2009 and offered only Occupational therapy at that time. At present, the centre offers a range of rehabilitation services all under one roof. The staff consists of 10 members of different faculty offering regular services. Quality services are being offered with a therapeutic individualized treatment program through a well -built infrastructure of space and equipment.



Intending to impart knowledge and awareness about rehabilitation services, Lakshya has been conducting regular workshops for training in Pediatric rehabilitation services. It has also been volunteering for various social activities in Pediatric Rehabilitation. Along with the growth in Pediatric and adult rehabilitation services, with its innovative ideas and identifying the need for the present scenario, Lakshya has also been spreading its avenues in the areas of community rehabilitation. Over the period of time, with the increasing success, the centre is well aware of its responsibility towards society. Thus, the centre strives to serve all with extreme dedication and has achieved excellence in the services offered.



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Dr. Kanan Doshi

Dr. Kanan Doshi has a vast experience of 26 years in this field. She has a B Sc. degree in Occupational Therapy. [1993], from Mumbai University, and an M. O Th [Paediatrics], Jaipur. She has continued to attain various other qualifications such as the NDT /Bobath certificate course in the management and treatment of children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor disorders (USA.) and other related specialised courses. Dr. Doshi is experienced in the area of NDT practice and has several scientific paper presentations to her credit. Apart from clinical practice, she is an active participant in the organizational works like Organizing committee member at NDT certificate course held in Pune, Maharashtra, India on January-2010 and Scientific session in charge of 49th Annual National Conference of All India Occupational Therapists’ Association at Goa, India. Dr. Kanan Doshi together with her team offers exemplary care and medical help to infants, children, and adolescents, who are specially-abled. Providing a distinguished service since 2009, this acclaimed medical specialist has turned out to be the first choice for pediatric care for the residents in the neighbourhood.


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