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Mom’s Belief helps a child with all types of Developmental Delays

We believe that the special needs are part of a child’s personality but a child is so much more than a diagnosis.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning Disability

Intellectual Disability

Global Developmental Delay

Down Syndrome

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Special Child Education for Development Delays

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Help my child learn at home through Home-Based Program

The Makers of Belief

Our panel of experts lay down a solid foundation to what fuels the belief of millions of parents and hope for an inclusive future where everyone can contribute towards a better world

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Developmental delay special education

The Mom’s Belief Clinical team

India’s revered Pediatric Neurologists, Pediatric psychologists, Occupational Therapists and other child experts are Mom’s Belief panelists and navigators

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Ask the specialist

At Mom's Belief, we believe that the biggest concern for parents of children with Special Needs is the absence of right guidance and support. So, we gathered a panel of global specialists in the field of special needs, to answer the frequently asked questions and other queries related to special needs and developmental disorders.

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Parents Speak

Testimony to our committment

“Mom's Belief learning program is a great idea for overall skill development for the child. It has helped me to know my child better and work with him on his strength areas. The resources helped to teach complex concepts in a fun and play way. I liked association cards and visual maze puzzle the most”

Mother of a child with Social Communication Disorder

“We are really impressed by this initiative. This is an excellent collection of innovative resources that help to engage the child very productively. It gives the parents the ideas on what to focus and gives the child interesting games that are both skill appropriate and relevant. Excited to see what my next box brings!!”

Parents of a child with Social Communication Disorder

“Hi ..just wanted to update.thanks to this lockdown phase, i was able to devote more time for my sons potty training..! entirely stopped using pampers..not even at night. and i got a new potty which resembles adult closet as advised by many earlier, i just made him feel comfortable with the new potty by making him sit and not forcing to pass urine or potty..every day 10-15 mins after giving warm water.and then he started to pee first, then in about 1-2 weeks, he figured out how to pass potty on his own..now the first thing that he does on waking up is gon sit in potty.there were times when I worried he would never do this in his entire life. Thanks Mom's Belief Community”

Mother of a child with developmental delays

Learning Resources

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Believing in Love

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World Autism Month: Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disability without physical traits.

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Our Parent Empowerment Model Can Be Replicated In Different Environments.

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