Social-Emotional Activities For Preschoolers At Home

Autism Behaviour Checklist A child dealing with autism will face difficulty in social communication and might show repetitive or restricted behaviour. Here’s the checklist.

Daily Activities For A Child With ASD

Daily Activities For A Child With ASD Autism is a wide spectrum & hence the needs, as well as the responses of children dealing with it also varies. Try adjusting for a favourable routine & environment at your home. Here are some suggestions.

Autism Behaviour Checklist

Social-Emotional Activities For Preschoolers At Home Preschoolers get curious about everything that they see and hear. Here are various activities to ensure social-emotional understanding & development in children.


Here are 5 must-try brain gym exercises for children to strengthen their brain-body connection.


Occupational Therapy provides practical support to help children perform their daily life activities. OT sessions make a child independent and confident in life.


Social delays, Communication difficulties, Repetitive behaviours. What’s behind them: ADHD? Autism? Or Both? Let’s find out!

9 Tricks To Improve Your Child’s Spatial Skills

Studies hint that a particular form of block play, called structured block play, may be especially valuable. This is when kids are shown the “blueprints” for a structure, and given a set of blocks to recreate it.

What Causes a Child with Autism to be Hyperactive and How to Control It

A temper tantrum usually occurs when a child is denied what they want to have or what they want to do. Parents observe many tantrums during the “terrible twos”. This occurs when young children are developing problem-solving skills and beginning to assert their independence. In fact, this “terrible twos” stage is typically experienced between 12 months through 4 years old!

What Every Child with Asperger’s Needs for Good Mental Health

Typical adolescents go through many different changes and transitions in an attempt to discover who they are as individuals. It’s common for a teen to have many different hairstyles, change music and movie interests, and especially embrace different social activities involving their peers. Teenagers who have Asperger’s tend not to be concerned with changing their appearance or style. Quite the opposite is true for these kids. Change can be a huge source of anxiety.

5 Ways Our Child Psychologists Can Help Special Needs Children

A child psychologist is an expert in childhood development who works with children and adolescents to diagnose and help resolve issues that cause emotional or behavioural problems. Child psychology is important because it can help us better understand how kids tick as well as how best to support them to become well-rounded individuals. It is therefore useful in assisting both parents and teachers to better understand and help children in their care.

6 Ways to Help Asperger Kids Learn Better Impulse Control

Children with Asperger’s (AS) and High-Functioning Autism (HFA) can appear somewhat paradoxical. On one hand, many kids on the Autism Spectrum are cautious, anxious, and shy. On that, it’s not uncommon for AS and HFA children to struggle with impulse control, too. This can make them look aggressive and rebellious—even when that isn’t their intent. At these moments, they’re not being malicious; they’re just acting on a whim without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

How to deal with an explosive or defiant child with an ADHD diagnosis?

One of the most challenging problems for parents to deal with is explosive outbursts in their child. Such outbursts occur with distressing regularity in some children – regardless of whether the child also has ADHD – and can contribute to an extremely difficult home environment.

Autism ‘Warning Signs’ In Toddlers

The first three years of life are crucial to a child’s development. Parents make several visits to their pediatrician during this period for well-baby/child check-ups, vaccinations and general developmental screenings.

How to Discipline a Child With Special Needs

Discipline will help a special needs child to face and solve his/her own problems whereas punishments in any case just make them suffer for having troubles. And you want to raise your child as a strong independent individual, not a scared one. Right! So here we are with some Tips & Tricks, to help you Discipline a Child with Special Needs.

How To Help Siblings Of A Child With Special Needs In Family

A combination of societal and legislative changes have made the lives of children with special needs and their families more comfortable in comparison to the way things were throughout history. From educational to industrial institutions, the accommodations and sensitivity offered to children with special needs have created a less restrictive and more accessible environment. Families of such children have also gained attention and now have an array of services provided for their education and support. However, there is one member of the overall family system who has been neglected as part of the effort to attend the special needs issues: namely, the siblings of a child with special needs.

10 Tips to Teach an Autistic Child to Talk

Since one of the classic symptoms of autism is a marked deficit in verbal communication abilities, a common problem for applied behavior analysts and others who work with children and even adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder is simply being able to carry on a basic conversation. Something as simple as finding out what they want for lunch or whether or not they are happy or sad or indifferent about their current school assignment can be nearly impossible to find out if you rely on normal conversational methods.

Tips For Parenting Children With Special Needs

Most of the special needs children and teenagers are not treated as they should be, no matter the amount of empathy and kindness they show in return. Undoubtedly it’s not at all an easy task to parent a special needs child, such special needs parents need professional guidance and help from the surrounding. If you are such a parent, these tips will be handy for you to start parenting your special needs child in the right and effective way.

A Story of A Child with Autism

An autism diagnosis is the first step towards a long journey of learning to cope with a lifelong condition, and knowing what to expect from therapy and intervention for your child can help you navigate the way better and put your mind at ease. Here’s a case study of a child with autism and the success story of timely intervention with Mom’s Belief.

Raising a Child With Down Syndrome: Helpful Tips

When children with Down syndrome cannot express themselves or understand others easily, they become frustrated. Many children with Down syndrome can also be social and affectionate, but they may not know how to play efficiently with peers.

10 hurtful things you should never say to a parent of a special needs child

One of the unfortunate parts of parenting a child with special needs is dealing with misguided comments and questions from relatives.