Brain Gym wakes up the brain cells and stimulates the functions of the brain. The motive of doing brain gym exercises is to keep your brain active and productive. Such activities improve learning and mental organization as well. Here are 5 simple brain gym exercises for autism that parents must try with their children. These exercises strengthen the brain-body connection.

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Cross Crawl

Step 1: Ask your child to sit or stand.

Step 2: Ask them to touch their right elbow to their left knee diagonally across their body.

Step 3: In the same way, let them repeat this exercise with the left elbow touching the right knee.

Step 4: Alternate the directions as in a march-past.

Note: Help your child do it for at least 3 minutes and make sure that he/she touches the knee with the elbow properly.


Lazy Eights

Step 1: Ask your child to extend their arm straight out in front of them.

Step 2: The thumb must be pointing upwards, no ask him/her to slowly write 8 in air.

Step 3: While writing 8, ask your child to follow their thumb with their eye movement

Note: Make sure your child’s shoulder is straight


Brain Buttons

Step 1: Ask your child to use their thumbs and fingers of the left hand to rub the collarbone hollow vigorously for 40 to 50 seconds while keeping the right hand over their navel along with the left to right neck movement slowly.

Note: Collarbone hollows are the ones that are under our collarbone.


Positive Pressure Points

Step 1: Ask your child to gently touch the points above the eye halfway in between the eyebrow and the hairline using the fingertips of each hand.

Step 2: Ask them to close their eyes.

Step 3: Ask them to breathe deeply and slowly for a few seconds.

Step 4: Now let them release, relax and repeat this 3 times.



Brain Buttons

Useful for children with autism who experience regular stress, anxiety, meltdowns or sensory issues. It can also calm your child and help him/her control breathing.

Step 1: Ask your child to sit/stand/lie down on the ground.

Step 2: Ask him/her to straighten the legs and then cross one foot over the other.

Step 3: Now, ask him/her to stretch out the arms and cross them in front of their body.

Step 4: Now, the palms of the right and left hands must touch together and then ask him/her to lock the fingers.

Step 5: Ask your child to cross the hands underneath the arms and bring the arms close to the chest.

Step 6: Now, ask him/her to hold this position for 3 to 6 minutes.

According to the research, 15 to 20 minutes of vigorous practising these brain gym exercises for autism can help decrease behavioural issues, hyperactivity, and aggression in children.