Daily Activities For A Child With ASD

Daily Activities For A Child With ASD

Autism is a wide spectrum & hence the needs, as well as the responses of children dealing with it also varies. You can assess your child the best, take notes of their response, resistance and behavioural problems then start adjusting for a favourable routine & environment at your home. Your child’s daily activities must be divided into these 5 basic domains:

  1. Physical Activities & Exercises

It improves coordination, behavioural & social skills and also maintains a healthy body. Break your child’s day into intervals and make a schedule. Here are some at-home exercises that you can do with your child:

  • Number Game On Staircase: Write numbers on the steps of the stairs and play add & subtract by climbing up and down on the stairs
  • Dance Party: Play your child’s favourite songs or music & dance with them.
  • Pillow Fight: We all have done it. We know it’s fun & laughter.
  • Nature Walks and Jogs: Walk barefoot on the grass with your child. Tell them about trees, birds and things that cross your path

2. Intellectually Stimulating Activities

Brain stimulation activities help in keeping the child calm, focused and positive. These have been proven helpful for grown-ups as well. Do these activities with your child & feel mindfulness.

  • Puzzles: Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku, Word-Finds etc.
  • Reading & Listening To Stories
  • Painting: You do not have to be Picasso, just take some colours, some paper and follow your instincts. You can also give a drawing to your child and ask him/her to colour.
  • Fun Games: Bring Lego & build it with your child.
  • TV Learning: Watch documentaries on a wide variety of topics (history, animals, etc.) with your child.
  • Science Experiments: Like helium balloon funny voices, friction fun activities etc.

3. Messy Play Activities

Activities that address the sensory needs of the child.

  • Gardening Activity: Plant seeds in pots and paint them. Remind your child to take care of their plants as well.
  • Rock Painting: Find different sized rocks, clean the dirt off and let your child decorate & paint.
  • Sand Pit: Enhances imagination & cognitive skills in children
  • Bubble Time: Make soap water with your child, play with foam & make bubbles
  • Slime Activities: Children love slime! Try making it at home with your child.

Note: Messy Play Activities May Not Work For All Children Dealing With ASD.

4. Calming and Self-Regulation Activities

  • Yoga: 10-15 minutes of yoga in the morning & before bedtime can manage stress through breathing & meditation.
  • Make A Fort: Create a fort with bedsheets, furniture, pillows, blankets & plush toys. Decorate it with your child string lights or do fun stuff there like reading stories, playing hide & seek etc.
  • Snuggle Time: Snuggle with your child for deep pressure needs, or let them snuggle with blankets or pillows if they need the space.
  • Screen Time: Movie time & playing video games sometimes is fine. But try to keep screen time down to an hour or less.

5. Skill Development Activities

  • Cooking/Baking: Very basic recipes that require few ingredients and tools.
  • Learning New Skills: Let your child learn musical instruments & any art form.
  • Learning New Words/Phrases
  • Home Maintenance: Making his/her own bed, folding clothes, arranging toys etc.

To know about the best-suited schedule for your child, connect with our experts & get a customised plan.