Social-Emotional Activities For Preschoolers At Home

Social-Emotional Activities For Preschoolers At Home

Social-emotional development is a crucial part of learning other skills that are required to make and maintain relationships such as communication, cooperation, recognizing and managing emotions, and controlling behaviour. Preschoolers are curious about everything that they see and hear so, our focus must be to encourage activities among them that can bring holistic development. Various activities can ensure social-emotional understanding & development in children

  • Group Activities:

Some toys and games develop problem-solving and manipulative play skills in children. Indoor & outdoor team games will build a team spirit and trigger a sense of togetherness. Games like: Cricket, Jump Rope, Ludo, Castle/Fort building competition etc.

  • Puzzles/Flashcards:

Emoji/Expression games, copy the flashcard, name the emotion or action. Children express themselves by their behaviour & expressions. Such puzzles will build empathy, creativity and teamwork.

  • Socialising:

Social interaction with large and small groups with other children will make them feel relatable. You can arrange playdates, lunch parties at home for your child and his/her friends or potential friends.

  • DIY Activities:

You can encourage your child to make handmade gifts or cards for family members & friends. Like Happy Birthday cards, Get Well Soon cards, Thank You cards etc.

  • Stories:

You can do a dramatic reading of social-emotional stories to your child, use puppets, sound effects etc. You can also watch animated movies like ‘Jungle Book’ etc.

Do these activities with your child at home, it will allow them to think about their emotions, understand self-esteem, empower good behaviours and habits, and develop consideration for others. Embrace your child’s emotional intelligence, to help them become strong!