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Know if your child has Development Delays!

Expert Consultation. Track Development Progress. Follow child's Developmental Goals.
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Services Provided

Learn about your child’s current skills and performance to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Work on child’s speech and language skills like talking, identifying objects, saying letters and words clearly, and strengthening mouth muscles.

Make your child independent by improving life skills like writing, eating, & self-cleaning, sensory difficulties, and behaviour management.

Technique used to help children learn correct daily life behaviours like Tantrum management, Emotional awareness, doing homework, greeting peers and elders when meeting, and rewarding and a way to measure progress.

A technique used to increase good behaviour and decrease bad behaviour in a child that is causing problems in daily life using a reward system like praising your child, giving his favourite toy and so on when desired behaviour is shown.

Effective body exercises to strengthen muscles in children’s legs, arms, fingers and core so they have better balance and coordination.

Providing guidance on different ways to support & promote children's and parent/caregiver’s overall mental health.

Unique education plan, curriculum & teaching methods that matches your child’s learning needs & speed and reach his full potential.

Children with Learning difficulties often learn better in a structured environment, be it at home, in class or anywhere. Daily schedules, checklists, and proper learning material can promote student engagement in learning activities, behaviour management, communication, and social skills.

SI therapy helps children improve sensory processing system i.e. vestibular, proprioceptive, auditory, and tactile inputs, so they can appropriately integrate and respond to sensory information from the body and the environment.
Our Expertise


ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

Down's Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy

Speech-Language Delays

Oral - Motor Delays

Global Developmental Details

Skill Developement

Mental Health Issues

Behaviour Issues

Why parents love us!

Our Purpose is their Promise

My Daughter Pakhee went through paralysis 20 days ago, We consulted our family doctor and she referred me here. In just few days we found huge improvement in our daughter. Thanks to Mom’s Belief for doing such a wonderful job.

Parent at MB Samarpan, Raipur

Good Evening Zakir Sir. I just want to thank you because of your therapy I see many behavioural changes in my son..I must say that you are one of the best therapists and special educators. I am very thankful for Mom's Belief. Thanks again for the improvements in my son. Good bye. Stay blessed

Parent at MB Neurokids, Bareilly

First of all thank you to the whole team at Mom’s Belief, you actually justify your name. Frankly speaking, on hearing that our son is diagnosed with ASD, we were totally hearbroken and accepting the same was not an easy task. But now my child is improving day-by-day due to your team’s good effort and hard work. Thank You Mom’s Belief

Parent at MB Genius Minds, Bhubaneswar.

Jaitvik joined MB Sunshine few months back for OT sessions with Arun Sir & ST sessions with Deepali Ma’am. He improved in these past months in every aspect like language development, sensory issues, communication etc. Deepali Ma’am helped him in developing emotions which I believe is the biggest milestone till date. Thank You Mom’s Belief.

Parent at MB Sunshine, Noida
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Awards & Accolades

Mom’s Belief was recognized at the UNITED NATIONS, Vienna, for its innovative model that supports the parents of special needs children and the professionals who work with them. Awarded by the Austria-based Zero Project as an innovation that helps eliminate the barriers faced by the disabled.


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