Mom’s Belief Balkrishna services include manipulative games, art and music are also included in the curriculum. Other than this, their services offered include social skills, which includes a social skills program that focuses on dealing with problems like social interaction, social cognition, and pragmatics. Communication and speech therapies seek to deal with articulation and voice problems in children. Other services are early intervention, Group therapy, Special education with 17 year experience Special Educator.



Mom’s Belief Balkrishna, a centre located in the heart of Indore city, extends holistic care inclusive of all therapies offered under one roof. The centre caters to the therapeutic needs of kids with developmental issues. Mom’s Belief Balkrishna is founded by Dr. Anant Sharma he has a background in Occupational therapy and Sensory Integration therapy with 7 year of experience. Mom’s Belief Balkrishna comprises of a team that has dedicated and committed professionals extending quality health care services to those with special needs. The clinicians and professionals range from a field of Special Education, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy. These certified and trained professionals constantly work catering to those with special needs so as to enable them to develop and grow emotionally, socially and physically. For this, experienced clinicians strive to offer such an environment in which children with special needs are able to develop themselves into independent individuals.



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Dr. Anant Sharma

Clinic Head/Owner Name, Dr Anant Sharma MOT (Neuro)


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101 Amar metro, 22/1 Pagnispaga indore - 452007


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