Clay Owl

Clay Owl

Finding a right art for children who are diagnosed with Autism is a great challenge. We at mom’s belief believe that it is very important to address the needs of a child with special needs. Children diagnosed with Autism also have sensory issues and to cater that we have come up with activities which can help them. These activities not only help them with the sensory issue but also make them learn new things. We can indulge them in activities like Clay Modelling. Here’s one example –

Clay Owl

To make it you will need clay, pen (For providing shape and features) and a scale.

To start with make a ball from the clay.

Compress the clay ball into a flat shape.

Roll it into a round thin sheet.

Give two half folds to the sheet and stick them on the both front sides.

With the help of pen draw the identical features of feathers on the lower ides of owl.

Now fold the upper part of the sheet and fix it on the front side giving it a shape of owl’s face.

Stretch both the corners of the upper folds to give it the shape of ears.

With the help of a pen’s cap make two circles (eyes) providing the equal distance between both of them.

Now make two fine lines with the help of scale so that your owl can have a nose.

Here’s your Clay Owl is ready. Your child can touch it and sense its external features. We hope you experience the activity with great joy!

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