Thursday, 21st February is our Day of Belief – a day when we put our collective voices together to say:

We believe that children with special needs have great potential.

We believe that parents can be empowered and enabled to act as a co-therapist for their child.

We believe that educators and healthcare professionals can be equipped to support special needs children and come together to form an ecosystem of support for their families.

We Believe. Do You?

On Thursday, 21st February Mom’s Belief will represent the belief of millions of parents with special children at the United Nations.

Join us in standing up for Special Needs Children. Share your thoughts on your social media profiles using the hashtag


We at Mom’s Belief are immensely proud and honored to have been invited to the UNITED NATIONS as a winner of Zero Project Award for Innovative Practices, 2019.


We believe that special needs children deserve a future brighter than any star in the sky. We are helping parents and professionals make it happen.

We at Mom’s Belief, are here to empower the parents of special children with resources, training, and ongoing mentoring, so they can promote their child’s skills and advance their child’s development.

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