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The mom’s belief Program

Therapies and programs for Down Syndrome for special needs kids are far more effective when parents are involved.

mom’s belief helps your child by putting fun, effective teaching tools in your hands

And offering the valuable support of an experienced child psychologist.

How It Works

Support for Children with Down Syndrome

mom’s belief gives you resources and training so you can help your child.

  • If your child is already receiving therapy for Down syndrome, our program for Down syndrome children can give you additional support with resources and activities that let you help your child.
  • Your mom’s belief psychologist, who is experienced in providing help for Down syndrome, is always available to assist you.
  • Our resources for children with Down syndrome are conveniently delivered to your home. After one month, they are collected and a new set is delivered.
  • We train you how to use our teaching tools and techniques in weekly training sessions, offered at our R & D center or by video chat.
  • Your mom’s belief psychologist monitors your child’s progress and sends new resources each month.

Our Resources

A set of mom’s belief resources are delivered to you each month. They help you develop the skills identified in your child’s individualized education plan (IEP). After one month, you’ll get a new set and we’ll collect the previous set. Renewing the resources on a monthly basis keeps your child engaged and gives you new ways to help your child.


What Parents Say

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mom's belief learning program is a great idea for overall skill development for the child. It has helped me to know my child better and work with him on his strength areas. The resources helped to teach complex concepts in a fun and play way. I liked association cards and visual maze puzzle the most.
Mother of a child with Social Communication Disorder
We are really impressed by this initiative. This is an excellent collection of innovative resources that help to engage the child very productively. It gives the parents the ideas on what to focus and gives the child interesting games that are both skill appropriate and relevant. Excited to see what my next box brings!!
Parents of a child with Social Communication Disorder
We really loved the box. It is actually the right format to nurture a child without covering any distance and wasting time. Now I can give therapy to my child any time. It is a dream come true and I am sure this will help in enriching the lives of many.
Mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Having 3 kids it is difficult to commute to the therapy center all the time. This product has hence proved to be a great way to have customised therapy sessions at home. Not only these resources are not available in the market but they were customised according to my child’s needs therefore making the whole product very cost effective. Individualised Education Plan in the box helped me achieve the target in a set time which has proved to help my kid I thought was not possible before.
Mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder with low IQ
mom's belief learning program is an excellent concept. I have been taking this box since last 2 months. I find that resources provided in the box are really helpful in learning new skills like I wasn’t sure if Ayan could identify and understand basic emotions well but with the help of these resources it was very easy for me to teach him even the complex ones. He has now started using words like disgusted, shy meaningfully in day to day situations. He has started speaking grammatically correct sentences and has now come out of his baby talks. Overall, I am really happy with the product. Thanks.
Mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
I have been taking therapy for my kid since he was 3 years old, I feel this is a very good concept, you get all the resources along with the target areas to be completed at home. The interpretative report that I received showed high validity with his current symptoms present in my child. I feel the resources are very creative and relevant like the Grammar booklet and learning place values.
Mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder


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