Parent support crucial for tackling autism

Parent support crucial for tackling autism

The World Autism Day brings into sharp focus the need of well-trained parents to tackle the upbringing of an autistic child

How to deal with an autistic child

Parents undergo huge stress and unanticipated situations, often leading to emotional meltdowns. Receiving a diagnosis of autism can be devastating. Reaching out to professional therapists or jointly collaborating with child psychologists to develop their special-needs child can make an immense positive impact on them, leading to an affirmative approach towards life. Speaking to other parents with special-needs children and joining support groups can be a great support system for them. A simple parenting approach must be used — to make children feel loved and safe at all times. A harsh approach traumatises the child. Parenting techniques stressing on achieving cures and attainment of non-realistic goals is not recommended. Publicly rejecting or reprimanding special children in any way is harmful for the child.

Why shift from traditional to modern approach.

The traditional approach of hiring a child psychologist or reaching out to therapists who solely work on the kid is in existence and would continue. However, a shift towards parent empowerment is required wherein parents are trained to perform treatments and therapies at home with the support of experts for each area. It is imperative for the parent to know their child first. The rapport and trust that could form between the parent and the child during such a programme lasts for a lifetime as the parent can help their child through life changes and transitions more effectively.

How professionals can empower parents.

Professional organisations in healthcare and psychological services are result-driven and their success can be measured by their realistic goals. This intervention gives parents tools to improve their interactions. They aim to train the parent to work closely with their child on a one-on-one basis with the help of training provided by the assigned child psychologist as well as with customised resources for the child’s needs.

The global trends to treat autism.

Empowering parents of autistic children, equipping them with resources, training them to treat autism and develop child skills at home is the global trend. Parents need to be dedicated towards their child’s development and enhancement skills. The parent must be committed to work with the child psychologist and devote time to their child to make best use of the training. Empowering the parent to be the child’s therapist is crucial and would generate skill development for their child at a better pace. Connecting with the psychologists helps the parents understand their child and an insight into their child’s diagnosis makes them understand the child’s needs and abilities better.

Online services impact performance of special child?

Therapies are more effective when parents are involved in the treatment. A mom’s belief programme requires that the parent invest time to be trained by the psychologist. Online services enable parents understand and evaluate their child’s performances and developmental phases through interpretative reports with the help of assigned experts.

The writer is chief child and adolescent psychologist with Mom’s Belief, online portal for autism logistics

source: The Pioneer

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