How you perceive things matters

How you perceive things matters

One challenge that I’ve faced – and I expect many start-up CEOs face – is the issue of changing mindsets. In my case, it’s changing the mindset of parents of special needs children and society in general, particularly in their views towards these children. Most importantly, we have to change the perception of professionals from this field, as they’ve never gone beyond the concept of stand-alone centres.

Developmental disorders such as autism are on the rise in India, but the supply of trained professionals who can address these disorders has not kept pace. We encourage parents to believe in themselves. We have to change the mindset that support can come only from a trained professional. We do this by educating parents and the general public about developmental disorders, which also makes it easier for parents to come forward and seek help.

We use Facebook for discussion and education around the topic of developmental disabilities.

source: The New Indian Express

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