Early Childhood Development Program

Early Childhood Development Intervention

The program helps children with any developmental delays between the ages of 0-5 Years.  Our Early Intervention Program has a multidisciplinary approach and includes a team of well experienced professionals. The program focuses on developing skills in the areas of delays and enhancing overall growth and development of the child.


Evoluation Involves

early childhood development intervention

Child Psychologist

Evaluates and does assessment in all the areas of development. They use a variety of specialized assessments and tests to determine whether a child meets the criteria of certain diagnoses of neurodevelopmental disorders. Diagnosing is the first step in understanding how to treat a child. They are specialized for early stimulation especially focusing on social emotional and cognitive domains of child development milestones.

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Occupational Therapist

Evaluates, if the child is having any kind of sensory, gross or fine motor skill deficits or difficulties . They conduct simple but deductive screening tests with the kids to assess the physical and visual motor coordination of the child.

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Speech and Language Therapy

Evaluates the overall communication skills of the child, if the kid is facing any kind of speech difficulties like any phonic sound issues or language expression or understanding issues.

After Diagnosis

Once a diagnosis has been made based on the evaluation results, our team of experts recommends a customized treatment plan that consists of Individualized Education Plan based on the child’s needs and goals that further enhances the child’s strength areas. This could include an individual child or family/parental counselling. Our team works with the caregivers and primary parents to implement effective plans that support the child’s positive growth.

The Overall Process

  • 1. Assessment to Program
  • 2. IEP is Provide
  • 3. 4 Session
  • 4. Re-Assessment
  • 5. Report Preparat

Learning session with our experts

Importance of Early Intervention

  • Early Intervention can transform the trajectory of your child’s development.
  • The first three to five years of children's development is most crucial. A child with developmental delays progresses better by starting early therapies.
  • A child’s brain is most capable of change and adaptation during an early age, missing this window can lead to poor outcomes and severe disabilities can set in.

Importance of ABA (Aplied Behavior Analysis)

  • Dec 18, 2020

Importance of Early Diagnosis

  • Dec 18, 2020

Early Intervention

This program will cater to children with any developmental delays ranging from the age of 0-5 years. The team involves of child psychologist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist.

  • Intervention is more likely to be effective if it is started early
  • It can change child's developmental path
  • The program has 4 training calls in a month
  • The team will include child psychologist, speech therapist and Occupational therapist
  • It's a multidisciplinary team to make sure all aspects of development are covered
  • It is designed to meet better need of child and families benefit from it largely

  • 3 Months USD 377
  • 6 Months USD 620
  • 12 Months USD 1105