A regular 360-degree assessment and intervention in school is crucial for children to ensure a healthy & motivating learning environment for them.

Our multidisciplinary experts at Mom’s Belief have curated an outstanding bunch of programs for Pre-Schools & Schools to offer the best teaching practices for teachers & best learning aids for students.

Moms Belief Program for School

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Emotional Intelligence Program

Emotional Intelligence Program

Skill-Based / Aptitide Assessments

Skill-Based / Aptitude Assessments




Psychological And Developmental Screening

DIY Schools/ Home Resource Kits

DIY Schools/ Home Resource Kits

TECH Support – MB Ops

TECH Support – MB Ops

Teachers & Parent Training and Workshops

Teachers & Parent Training and Workshops

Emotional Intelligence Program

To nurture the emotional quotient in children, we offer the best amalgamation of assessments & training. We will help to decode & drive Emotional Awareness | Management | Performance in every child.

The program works on every child’s emotional profiling and core competencies for Resilience Development.

  • Enhances Emotional Literacy
  • Helps In Recognising Self-Behavioural/Reaction Patterns
  • Consequential Thinking
  • Navigate Emotions
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Optimism
  • Increase Empathy
  • Pursue Noble Goals


  • Fun based learning activities
  • Pre-recorded lessons to compliment every child’s learning pace
  • Take-home learning tools
  • Dedicated coach/experts for school
  • Expert recommended classroom practices
  • A healthy mix of modules for students, parents & teachers
  • Modules can be integrated into the school curriculum
  • Can be adapted as independent EQ programs
  • Clubs for students & parents community

Let’s Encourage A Healthy Balance OF IQ & EQ To Bring Success!

Skill-Based/Aptitude Assessments

The most reliable & decisive, 1-hour long aptitude test for students in standard 8th & above.

  • Analyses intellectual & educational abilities
  • Recommends best-suited career options
  • Identifying personality strengths & weaknesses
  • Highlights latent talents
It covers:
  • Verbal ability
  • Numerical ability
  • Spatial ability
  • Closure ability
  • Clerical ability
  • Reasoning ability
  • Mechanical ability
  • Psychomotor ability
Aptitude with the right attitude determines student’s altitude Let’s aid them with the best!


Get insights on child’s STRENGTHS & PROBABLE CONCERNS to allocate the best possible therapy/intervention

Speech & Language: Assessment & Therapy
The clarity in speech and the ability to express properly is an important aspect of communication. Our speech assessment & therapy ensures that these basic communication needs are fulfilled in children.

1. Communication & Social Skills:Appropriate pragmatic/social skills are a key component to interacting with others in their community and life.
2. Reading:Reading and literacy skills can significantly aid in communication.
3. Enhances Alternative Communication Methods: As humans, we communicate with a total communication approach. We communicate via speech, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, writing, typing and many other forms of communication.
3. Reduces Communication Frustrations In Children: Speech therapy helps children improve communication skills with other children and adults. It focuses on improving speech muscles through special exercises. Speech exercises involve repeating sounds, imitating and much more.

Special Education: Assessment & Intervention
Progress isn't always measured on paper. Let us tap your child's abilities beyond the disabilities for a brighter tomorrow.

1. Academic programs: Works on the remediation or enhancement of reading, writing, and math skills i.e for children with learning difficulties or learning disabilities or any child who wants to enrich their skills.
2. Behaviour programs: Helps with behaviour modifications like skills that enhance learning and self-control. Children with a primary diagnosis of ADHD and poor organizational skills can be highly benefited from this program.
3. Language and Comprehension: Helps children who struggle with language comprehension and thus with academic performance. Children with high functioning ASD or social communication disorders can also be benefitted largely from this program.

Occupational Therapy: Assessment & Therapy
Grip issues, hand-eye coordination issues or any other sensory issues can be identified via occupational therapy assessment & strategic therapy can be planned.

The program gives consultations and customised therapy plans for any motor (gross or fine motor) or any sensory difficulties in children.

It Helps

  • Children with disabilities, to participate fully in school and social situations.
  • Children are recovering from developmental delays to regain skills.
  • On adapting the environment and/or task to fit the neurodivergent children.

Children see occupational therapy as games to play. They get to have fun while mastering new skills. The more games they play, the more of those skills they will master. Occupational therapy covers all types of skills and allows children to catch up with their peers.

Psychological And Developmental Screening

To analyse the learning aptitude, social-emotional development & behaviour traits in children.

1. Intelligence: To look for developmental delays, intellectual gifts and/or disabilities, language and communication skills, nonverbal reasoning skills, and speed at absorbing and processing new information.
2. Achievement: By measuring mastery of reading, mathematics, and writing of children with developmental delays/disabilities, the psychological assessment can help develop a Special Education Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).
3. Memory and attention: Neuropsychological testing is often used to identify attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It measures memory skills, reasoning abilities, and executive functioning, like planning and organizational skills.
4. Behavioural, emotional and social development: Social-emotional and personality evaluation to examine depression, anxiety, or social deficits that may contribute to difficulties at home or school. If there are mental health concerns, the assessment provides direction for behavioural management strategies to be used at home or school. It can also provide therapists with information for therapy planning.

DIY School/Home Resource Kits

Aimed at introducing & enhancing specific skill sets in children via a fun-learning strategic approach.
We offer 2000+ expert-curated interactive & inclusive activities to support every child’s:

Cognitive Skills
Matching & Sorting | Categorisation | Building Associations | Concept Building | Problem Solving | Sequencing | Abstract Reasoning | Cognitive Flexibility

Mathematical Skills
Recognising and Identifying Numbers | Relating Number to Quantity | Number Line Concept | Odd-Even Concept | Money Concept | Time Concept | Numeracy and Place Value | Mathematical Vocabulary | Understanding Mathematical Symbols | Understanding Word Problems

Communication Skills
Eye contact | Joint Attention | One-step Instruction Following | 2or Multiple steps Instruction Following | Expressive Language - Interactive Speech | Need-Based Expression | Expressive Language - verbalising the asked explanation/ reason | Receptive Language - Understanding Non-verbal Cues | Language (Pragmatic) | Understanding Questions

Language Skills
Recognizing and Identifying Alphabets & Words | Letter to Picture association | Word Sound Discrimination | Word Building | Recognizing and Identifying Hindi Alphabets & words | Synonyms & Antonyms | Singular & Plurals | Nouns & Verbs

Visual-Spatial Skills
Letter & Symbol Reversal | Long/Short-Term Visual Memory | Mental Folding & Mental Rotation | Visual Closure |Visual Figure-Ground Discrimination | Visual Sequencing | Visual-Spatial | Visual-Motor Processing

Gross Motor Skills
Walking and Balancing | Hopping and Jumping | Throwing and Catching | Hopping and Running | Motor Planning | Large Muscle Strengthening | Postural Stability

Social-Emotional Skills
Understanding Emotions | Turn-Taking & Sharing | Self-Esteem | Social & Emotional Awareness | Concept of Self | Pretend Play

Fine Motor Skills
Hand Manipulation | Fine Motor Strength | Bi-lateral Coordination | Eye-Hand coordination | Pre-Writing Skills

Our resources are in audio, visual, tactile & kinesthetic form to support the unique learning style of children

  • Makes lessons interesting & easy to learn
  • Enable teachers to easily express concepts
  • Breaks learning tasks into small steps
  • Makes lessons effective with a multi-sensory approach

Resource Videos

To Know More About The Program

TECH Support – MB Ops

MB OPs is a uniquely curated data-driven & tech-based platform.
It helps to perform assessments, plan strategies & create individual education plans for students’ emotional intelligence & developmental needs.

Features & Benefits:

Friendly Interface
It’s the most beneficial feature any platform can have. MB Ops has click-on features which make it easy to use.

Automated Process
The platform is about 80% automated and demands a trained user to feed 20% of the required information. Human intelligence isn’t compromised.

Easy Plan And Task Allocations
There are clinically designed buckets of intervention plans. You can choose the most suitable plan from the list or customise your own plan.

Smart Screening Followed By Assessment Process & Report Generation
This part of the process is highly clinical and smart in its own way. The process automatically fills the most obvious answers and saves your time and energy & also gives you an option to change the responses manually.

Sprint Support In Creating & Tracking IEP
Based on the detailed assessment the platform will create a sprint of the developmental needs of the child. This helps in creating the IEP strategy. Human intelligence works best when it comes to strategies especially when it’s about helping children.

Scheduling Appointments
The platform will ease you with multiple appointment scheduling options.

Easy Billing & Payments Management
The platform notifies you of payment cycles and you can also check the payment history of every particular case.

Key inclusions of MB Ops platform:

  • Teachers’ training
  • The quarterly intervention of head psychologists
  • Recording case history of every student
  • Annual subscription & Mom’s Belief app support
  • Tailor-made assessments
  • Individual education plan recommendations

It is time-saving, pocket-friendly & the best use of technology. Equip yourself with the powerful combination of data & technology, today!

Teachers & Parent Training and Workshops

We are here for you whenever you feel the need.
We offer insights into recent developments & catch up on emerging learning issues in children which can be really helpful for teachers & parents.

  • Expert Webinars
    Interactive topic-oriented presentations & explanations by our domain experts. You can decide on any topic of your choice.
  • Expert Workshops
    Demonstration of activities/skills/processes related to any domain of your choice by our experts.
  • Q&A Sessions
    Our experts take questions from the participants and help them with solutions & recommendations.
  • Expert-Led Professional & Personal Training
    Our experts curate short term training courses according to your needs. This can be taken in groups as well as under personal guidance and training.

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