autism speech therapy

Preschool Autism Speech Therapy Activities

Our Speech therapists or speech-language pathologists have trained personnel who work with children having speech-related disorders. They do screening, consultation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management, and counseling services for children with special needs.

preschool autism speech therapy activities

Enhances Communication & Social Skills

Speech therapy plays an important role in the holistic development of a child with an autism spectrum disorder. It improves overall communication, enhances social skills, enables to cope up better with society and function in day-to-day life. It should be started as early as the diagnosis is made.

Speech and language therapy for children

Speech Fluency

Speech and language therapy can help children who can speak little, but the words won’t flow smoothly. They can’t express their thoughts in a full sentence as the words or syllables break. There may not be clarity in their speech or there may be stammering. Such problems come as a barrier to a child’s communication, and could, in some cases, make the child low in confidence about themselves.

speech therapy for autism at home

Pragmatic Skills

program provides direct therapy to children with difficulty in Pragmatic language, which is the social language skills we use to communicate in everyday life.

Speech & Language Therapy videos

Speech and language therapy includes a wide range of techniques and methods and may include didactic and naturalistic behavioural therapy: verbal behaviour, natural language paradigm, pivotal response training, and milieu teaching for kids living with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and other Neurodevelopmental Delays/Disorders.

Speech & Language Therapy

This program provides direct therapy to children with any speech and language difficulties i.e receptive or expressive language, misarticulations or speech fluency difficulties or pragmatic skills etc.

  • 1 Month USD 323
  • 3 Months USD 728