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Is Your Teen Finding It Hard To Manage Their Emotions?

We will help you to help them!

We are proud to present ‘MB School Of Moms’ for you all. An expert-curated Emotional Wellbeing Program to help your child to cope with his/her anxiety & stress. The program will help your child to identify triggers of anxiety and manage his/her emotions, through simple tools and techniques.

Your Teen Will Learn

The Emotional Wellbeing Program- Schedule

  • 6 Live Interactive Group sessions spread across 3 weeks
  • 4 Intensive - Training sessions by Multidisciplinary Experts.
  • 2 Interactive Q&A sessions with MB Clinical experts with 15+ years of experience in Clinical Interventions.
  • 2 Classes per week
    Duration: 60 Minutes

The Emotional Wellbeing Program - Curriculum

  • CLASS 01

    Overview and Introduction, What is anxiety?, Getting to know your Anxiety- Identifying Anxiety, Sources of Anxiety, How does anxiety develop?, Responses to Anxiety, Understanding Anxiety cycle- thoughts, behaviour, emotion, How to manage anxiety? – The process (through Emotional awareness, Mindfulness, Compassion, Resilience, Step 1- Managing anxiety- Emotional awareness

  • CLASS 02

    Step 2- Managing anxiety- Through mindfulness, What is mindfulness?, The importance of staying out of Auto-pilot, Learning to live in the moment, Benefits of Mindfulness, Identifying - Emotional, Wise and Logical mind.

  • CLASS 03

    1st Q&A Session

  • CLASS 04

    Step 3- Managing anxiety- Through Compassion, What is self-compassion?, Self-kindness instead of Self-judgement, Benefits of self-compassion, Changing Your Critical Self-Talk.

  • CLASS 05

    Managing anxiety- Through Resilience, What does Resilience mean? Developing emotional resilience, Benefits of developing resilience.

  • CLASS 06

    2nd Q&A Session

MB School Of Moms & Program - Benefits

  • You will be getting the most authentic and practical guidance along with our expert-curated content library.
  • Live Zoom Training: With audio/visual aids like video demonstrations and several practical resources and activities to do during and after the classes.
  • Every batch will have 10 individuals, which will be an active support network for you.
  • We will facilitate you with powerful tools and information to practice at home.
  • The training can be used in conjunction with several complementary therapies.
  • You will be getting a certificate of the program after its completion.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


MBSOM - Emotional Wellbeing Program

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