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Do you have a 4-8-year-old child who is struggling with various life skills?

Join The Program With Your Child
We will train you to help your child with communication skills, problem-solving skills and other daily living skills.

We are proud to present ‘MB School Of Moms’ for you all. An expert-curated Skill Based Learning Program to equip you with the most authentic parenting solutions. The school program will help you with tools and techniques to take charge of your child's life skills development like bonding skills, language using skills, sensory skills etc. You will have to join the sessions with your child for better results. You will learn to create your own goals and work at your child's pace from the ease of your homes.

You Will Learn

The Skill-Based Learning Program - Schedule

  • 10 Live Interactive Group Classes A Month
  • 10 Intensive - Training sessions & Q&A sessions by a Multidisciplinary team of trainers - Speech & language pathologists, OT and Behavioral therapists.
  • 2 Classes per week
    Duration: 60 Minutes

The Skill-Based Learning Program - Curriculum

  • CLASS 01

    Enhance parent-child connection

  • CLASS 02

    Following instructions

  • CLASS 03

    Imaginative and creative play

  • CLASS 04

    Problem-solving skills

  • CLASS 05

    Enhance Processing speed

  • CLASS 06

    Motor skills (Gross and fine)

  • CLASS 07

    Q&A Session

  • CLASS 08

    Coordination (Bilateral and Eye-Hand)

  • CLASS 09

    Sensory Play

  • CLASS 10

    Q&A Session

MB School Of Moms & Program - Benefits

  • You will be getting the most authentic and practical guidance along with our expert-curated content library.
  • Live Zoom Training: With audio/visual aids like video demonstrations and several practical resources and activities to do during and after the classes.
  • Every batch will have 7 parents, which will be an active support network for you.
  • We will facilitate you with powerful tools and information to practice with your kid at home.
  • The training can be used in conjunction with several complementary therapies.
  • You will be getting a certificate of the program after its completion.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

We believe that there is nothing stronger than a mother's belief in her child.

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MBSOMs - Skill Based Learning Program

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